Sloane Tea Company has taken the liberty of listing questions and their respective answers on a variety of questions frequently asked by our customers. If there is a question pertaining to our products, policies, and or services for which an answer is not already listed, please submit it below. We will do our very best to provide you with an answer promptly.

Ordering Policies

  1. Do you offer Corporate Gifts?
  2. Do you offer gift wrapping?
  3. Is ordering on your site secure?
  4. Do you collect sales tax?
  5. Can I send my order as a gift?
  6. What are your accepted payment methods?

Other Issues

  1. Can I customize my own flavour selection in a gift box?
  2. What are your Customer Service hours of operation?
  3. How do I take care of the double walled glass tea cups?
  4. Do you offer tea samples?

Return Policies

  1. How do I return or exchange items from my order?
  2. What is your return policy?

Sloane: An Introduction

  1. With tea being a seasonal product, how is quality ensured throughout the year?
  2. How do you prepare a perfect pot of tea?
  3. What makes Sloane Tea Company unique?
  4. What is a Taster’s Arc?
  5. Why the name Sloane Tea Company?

Tea: An Introduction

  1. What is green tea?
  2. What artisanal techniques are used in tea production?
  3. What is plucking?
  4. What is pu-er tea?
  5. What is yellow tea?
  6. What is a Second Flush Darjeeling tea?
  7. What is white tea?
  8. What is “Jungpana”?
  9. How is tea graded?
  10. What is a Darjeeling tea?
  11. What is rooibos?
  12. What are the health benefits of tea?
  13. Milk or no milk?
  14. What is tea?
  15. What is a tisane?
  16. What is oolong tea?
  17. Is there an expiration date on tea?
  18. What is black tea?
  19. What is a “tippy” tea?

The History of Tea

  1. Milk in first or last?
  2. What is afternoon tea?
  3. What is the origin of tea?