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Celebration Eggnog

Tea’s the season at Sloane, and we’re in the spirit to slow the pace and embrace the times. Whether it be hosting an elaborate holiday dinner, getting together with friends or simply getting cozy by the fire, there is no better way to savour a moment than curled up with cup of holiday cheer. This time, we chose eggnog.

Festive and decadent, we teamed up with Kyle Ratchford of Happy Goat Coffee to bring you a sweet retreat from the holiday rush. Warm, creamy and full of spice, this take on a seasonal classic really embraces the spirit of the season. 

No matter the menu, the perfect drink pairing can make all the difference. Cut the fuss with this creamy twist on a wintertime staple.

Here is what you’ll need:




4 oz Eggnog

4 oz 2% Milk

2 oz Water

2 tsps Sloane Tea’s Celebration Medley

1 Cinnamon Stick (Optional)

1 tsp of Powdered Cinnamon


  1. Using a filter or infuser, steep 2 teaspoons of Celebration Medley in 2oz of boiling hot water. TIP: If you love cinnamon as much as we do, we suggest you add a cinnamon stick to your steep. Not only will it look stunning, but it will extract some spectacular flavours from the tea
  2. Combine milk and eggnog and warm over medium/high heat. Pour carefully into spiced tea.
  3. For optimal punch, sprinkle a pinch of dried cinnamon over the froth
  4. Let cool to desire and enjoy!


7 Days of Sloane – Holiday Gift Guide

It’s Christmas time in the city, and by now you’ve (hopefully) made a list and checked it twice. But with some personalities being harder to nail, are you sure you’ve got everyone covered? For your late shopper needs, we’re here to ensure no giftee is left behind with our 7 Days of Sloane!

We worked with some of our neighbouring retailers to bring you thoughtful, unique gifts that fit every person on your list. Featuring the likes of East Side haunts Labour of Love, Collected Joy, Token, Maisonette, as well as Toronto favourites Petit Nuage and Kitten and the Bear, we’re sure our guide will help you tick all of your boxes. Watch this space over the next few days as we unveil some gift ideas to get you out of the holiday crunch!

The Midnight Charmer – Masala Chai
For the chic, risk taking fashionable friend that simply drips of ornate, modern style we’ve got just the thing! Help them shimmy and shake through this holiday season.


1.Masala Chai  Sloane Fine Tea Merchants $18.00

2.Michelle Ross Chleo Necklace Labour of Love $285.00

3.Anne-Marie Chagnon IVAO Ring with Golden line Labour of Love $75.00

4.Mary Frances Sugar Rush Bag Token $436.00

The Classically Chic – Rouge Provence
Effortlessly chic and optimally classic, our Rouge Provence inspired gifts are perfect for the friend that leaves the linger of whimsical romance long after they’re gone.


1. Rouge Provence Sloane Fine Tea Merchants for Colette $15.00

2. Imm Woodland Friends Wine Stopper – Bunny Collected Joy $23.00

3. Mini Clock Labour of Love $15.00

4. Macarons – Petit Nuage – Dozen for $22.00

5. Paris in Colour Notebook – Collected Joy – $22.00

6. Imm Astro Wine Stopper – Cancer – Collected Joy – $24.00

7. Strawberry, Raspberry and Cream Jam – Kitten and the Bear – $10.00

The Unicorn – Blood Orange Oolong
Bright, sparkly and adorned with all of the colours of the rainbow, our Blood Orange Oolong walks to the beat of their own drum. Check this guide out for the special snowflake in your life.


1. Blood Orange Oolong Sloane Fine Tea Merchants $18.00

2. Meri Meri Falala Necklace Labour of Love $15.00

3. Blaine Bowen Mehadi Bracelet – Token – $56.00

4. Fred – The Party Rainbow Cup – Token – $24.00

5. Macarons – Petit Nuage – $22.00/sleeve

6. Fab Ice Lolly Ornaments – Token – $8.00/each

7. Meatball Head Pin – Token – $2.00

The Glamour Queen – Chocolate Truffle 

Poised, polished and never without a little sparkle, our Chocolate Truffle is the picture of  decadence and is a perfect fit for the princess on your list


1. Chocolate Truffle Loose Leaf Tea Sloane Fine Tea Merchants $19.50

2. Myka Cry Rock B2146 – Diamante Bracelet  – Collected Joy $165.00
3. Artisan Chocolate Truffles by Maisonette’s Laura Slack $15.00/box of 6
4. Olive + Piper Anastasia Necklace Labour of Love $85.00
5. Olive + Piper – Brooklyn Cuff Labour of Love $85.00
 6. Akai Tall Vase Collected Joy $35.00

The Instagram Traveler
Need something for the sunny friend who’s always on the go? Light, fun and always ready for an adventure, our Tropical Green is for the sun chaser in your life.


1. Tropical Green Sloane Fine Tea Merchants $18.00

2. Hobo Paper Coin & Clutch Grey Collected Joy $26.00
3. Smitten Kitten YYZ luggage tag Labour of Love $10.00
4. Back me up charger –Labour of Love – $12.50
5. Tropical Dangling Earrings Collected Joy $10.00
6. Kuma Sunglasses Labour of Love $40.00
7. Desk Top Art Prints Boxed Labour of Love $25.00

The Homebody – Citron Calm  

While some of us flourish in the snowier months, most head for the comfort of the great indoors. Enter: Citron Calm. Shop this guide for the homebody on your list.


1. Citron Calm Sloane Fine Tea Merchants $18.00

2. Spark Joy Labour of Love $28.00
3. Kurt Adler Bambi Ornament Token $16.00
4. Blace Skeen Matches in a Bottle Labour of Love $18.00
5. Good Morning Beautiful Spritz Labour of Love $30.00
6. Pink Grapefruit Argan Lotion Labour of Love $15.00
7. Neighborhood Candle Labour of Love $45.00
8. Library Card Yellow Mug Labour of Love $20.00

The Traditional Gent – Signature Black 

Smooth and Sophisticated, our Signature Black doesn’t play by the rules, they make them. Shop this persona for the modern gentleman in your life.



  1. Signature Black Sloane Fine Tea Merchants $18.00
  2. Rustico Leather Key Fobs Labour of Love $20.00
  3. Pamuk Soho Towel Collected Joy $56.00
  4. Camping Flask Set Labour of Love $30.00
  5. Adventure Begins Adventure Mug Labour of Love $18.00
  6. Portico Laser Cut Notebook Labour of Love $25.00
  7. Fine + Dandy Cufflinks Labour of Love $45.00
  8. Rustico Leather Coasters Labour of Love $35.00

Cocoa Chai Chai Infused Hot Chocolate

The leaves are falling, the holidays are looming, and the most wonderful time of the year can almost be the most stressful. If you’re anything like us, sometimes you need a reminder to slow down and smell the cocoa. While tea may be our obvious drink of choice, we can’t deny the sweet satisfaction that accompanies that first sip of warm cocoa.  We’ve decided to give this cold weather classic a Sloane spin, and what better way to do this than with a tea infusion! The perfect pairing: Our Cocoa Chai Chai, a rich masala based tea featuring whole green cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and clove, topped with sumptuous Brazilian cocoa nibs. The result: A sweet and spicy treat we’re sure you’ll make over and over again. 

This is what you’ll need:

1 cup of milk (or combine milk and half and half for a creamier cup) 

4 oz of milk chocolate (we used Soul Chocolate

2 tbsp of Sloane Tea Cocoa Chai Chai loose leaf tea 

1 Sloane Tea Filter (or a tea infuser of your choosing) 



  1. To begin, place milk over medium heat. Whisk occasionally and remove from heat once hot. 
  2. Scoop 1 teaspoon of Cocoa Chai Chai into your Sloane Tea Filter (or infuser). Steep in milk to taste. We suggest 5-6 minutes for optimal flavour.
  3. While tea is steeping, melt Soul Chocolate over medium heat. Stir frequently until evenly melted and chocolate is smooth. To avoid hardening, be sure to remove from heat once melted 
  4. Mix chocolate into tea milk blend until consistent. 
  5. Serve hot and enjoy!